. However it’s not very beautiful and it makes the sports field monofunctional and difficult to access. The ‘hole and hill’ design can be adapted to any location because rather than adding a new element we simply modify the existing typography.

Multibane | multifunctional outdoor sports fields. Denmark The future multi-purpose sports field ‘multibanen’ is created with a minimum of means to get maximum effect… By sinking the sportsfield into the ground the physical and visual barriers of the fence are eliminated and new ways of interaction between player and spectator are created.

Op The task was to make a 2012 version of the universal ‘multibane’ for everybody – both the athletes and those who just want to hang out, without compromising the quality of the traditional field where the walls are ‘in play’. Next Next post: LIGA 08: Permeabilidad I Permeability By digging a hole in the ground we define a sportsfield and from the leftover soil we create a hill for social events.