. We develop concepts and realise design in various scales from urban design, landscape architecture down to furniture. Our goal is to provide future proof design considering the latest trends and changes in our society and technology. In Moscow and Berlin we can provide turn-key solutions including early stage negotiations with governmental organisations. Optional we can also offer design-and-built solutions and providing support for clients until the realisation of the project.

This is a small selection of our work. If you are interested in working with us please get in touch … Branding, Landscape, Placemaking, Roadmap, Urban Design we do architecture, urbanism and landscape design un-established since 2007 // Berlin and Moscow based Copyright © 2017.  ANOTHER ARCHITECT - Berlin / Moscow Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

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  • eG Agent
  • eG Manager The following topics describe these components in detail. EG Enterprise follows the manager-agent architecture that has been widely used in the past for designing monitoring systems.

    While the manager is a software component that controls what elements are monitored and how frequently they are monitored, the agents are software components that perform the monitoring functions. Figure 1 depicts the main components of eG Enterprise.