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  • The Province (Vancouver) A. We sell mostly online on our website, gibou. We also participate in dozens of (pop-up) shops throughout the year and have about fifty wholesale points.
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  • National Post Montreal-based brand works with retirees for handmade creations | Vancouver Sun The founder of Gibou, an accessories company specializing in toques, headbands and more, struck up a partnership with local knitters near her Montreal studio, to get their help creating the unique pieces.

    Since the program started, Beaudoin has expanded the initiative to include 15 knitters working from their homes. And the name of the retiree who knitted each piece is written on the label of each Gibou accessory. Beaudoin took a brief break from her business to chat with Postmedia News about her brand, her workforce and what’s next. Where can people check them out? Q. What more can you share about the unique program that sees the brand work with local retirees to create products? Q.

    Who is your target customer? When Sarah Beaudoin’s business started growing faster than her hands could knit, she first turned to family to help fulfill the need.

    Is there a story behind the name?

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  • Privacy – Updated A. Women ages 25 to 35 who are sensitive to a fair production and who also wish to have a beautiful look in winter, as well as summer.
  • Saskatoon StarPhoenix 365 Bloor St East, Toronto, ON, M4W3L4, www. For those who aren’t familiar, what is Gibou?
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    What is the price range for your products? |Featured:

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  • Copyright & Permissions A. Since the company started with myself doing the knitting, retired people in my family came to my aid.

    With the demand that was increasing from month to month in the first year, I was not able to do it on my own. The idea of hiring retirees was born of a need. Today, there are 15 retirees knitting from their homes, 12 months a year, and they are very motivated.

    It is important to me that they feel valued in the process and that it remains an activity that they do without pressure.

  • Place a Classifieds Ad A. Gibou is a Montreal-based brand that has been creating accessories since 2014.

    For winter, we produce toques, mittens and scarves. In the summer time, we offer headbands and other accessories for hair.

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    Gibou is the name my father gave me when I was a child. When I was looking for a business name, it came out

    . Even if its sounds French, it does not mean anything in French.

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  • Montreal Gazette Sarah Beaudoin, founder of Gibou, (at centre) sits with knitters for her brand Gibou. Handout/Gibou
  • Celebrating Style Q&A: Montreal-based brand works with retirees for handmade creations
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    We are really differentiated by this concept. The comments we receive are always so positive! Even though it is not an easy concept to execute because it involves different operational challenges, the positive impact that occurs with each of these women is more valuable to us.

    We are constantly trying to reinvent ourselves by diversifying our offer to meet different needs of our customers. One thing is certain, the company intends to continue to bet on social values for the future. Moreover, we are currently looking at opportunities to work with people in Montreal’s social reintegration to take care of the sewing.

  • Browse Listings When Sarah Beaudoin's business grew faster than her hands could knit, she first turned to family to help.

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  • Calgary Herald © 2019 Postmedia Network Inc. Share this story Style Q&A: Montreal-based brand works with retirees for handmade creations
  • Local Directory Our social values really define the company.

    We hire retirees to knit our accessories for the winter collection. We are really proud of our production that is entirely done locally and the fur we use is fully recycled.

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    And what has been the feedback on this so far? To start, we do a training with the retirees

    . Thereafter, we give them a formative video to make sure there’s a certain standardization of size while keeping the appearance of one of a kind product. We also always make sure that we adjust the pattern according to the knitting tension of the retirees.

  • Regina Leader-Post A. Our knitted collection by retirees runs in between $50 and $120. For our summer collection, it’s between $10 and $35.