Breakdance injuries and overuse syndromes in amateurs and professionals

In the s South Bronx, New York City, breaking broke out in the streets as warring gangs took to battling each other with aggressive, percussive dance. It’s all mainstream today, but breakdancing was a test of toughness and talent then, and those roots still give it its edge. Taylor Swift’s back-up dancers do it. Subway performers do it, in the tunnels and on the trains. Breakdancing, the look-at-me and in-ya-face feats of acrobatics and high-risk-in-motion that can take your breath away with its sheer audacity, is everywhere now. B-boys and B-girls of every ethnicity are hip-hopping in clubs and flash mobs, at parties, and on Broadway. But it wasn’t always like this. In , James Brown released Get On the Good Foot and the punchy music, strong beat, and Brown’s moves on the concert stage were an instant hit.


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A form of nonrhythmic urban dance characterized by acrobatic and gymnastic movements. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Breakdancing expert hired for probe into custody death; PS8k for views on cop claims man injured spinning in van. A breakdancer and a “body mechanics expert” were hired for [pounds sterling]8, during a probe into a musician’s death in police custody. Breakdancer invited to perform at Brit awards. A row did emerge in the build-up to the Games when a Lebanese-Armenian breakdancer accused the WDSF of exploiting break dancing as a ‘Trojan horse’ to ‘get its foot in the door of the Olympics’.

Breakdancing in Olympics? I rather liked the fact that 2, boy scouts in Denver became the largest group of people to pop bubblewrap together and that a breakdancer typed a seven-word proverb in Four candles? Try Before that he had considered a future as a breakdancer.

Elmo Learns to Beatbox & Breakdance

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3 Reasons Breakdancing Is The Best Sport In The World (And Why 21 Signs You’re Dating The Person You’re Supposed To Grow Old With.

Henry used to work as a paper boy. Henry dated a girl named Jacquie from grade 6 to 9. At some point, Henry mistakenly called his teacher, Mr. Peters , “mom,” much to Mr. Peters’ chagrin. A year before he is on A-Troupe , Henry attended a disastrous dance competition with his studio. After coming back from the washroom, Henry went on stage, believing that his crew had been called; the crew on-stage was not his and Henry horribly mimicked what the crew was doing.

While preparing for his A-Troupe audition, Henry assures Noah that if he is the type of person who is typically nervous, he shouldn’t fight it. Henry advises Alfie not to act on his feelings for the girl he likes, as she is in a relationship.


An elaborate social dance form originated by teenage African-American males in the South Bronx of New York City, breakdancing appeared during the early to mids. It began as a form of gang fighting, a mixture of physically demanding movements that exploited the daredevil prowess of performers and stylized punching and kicking movements directed at an opponent. A descendant of capoeira , the Brazilian form of martial arts disguised as dance, breaking developed as the movement aspect of rap music when breakdancers — “B-Boys” — filled the musical breaks between records mixed by disc jockeys at parties and discotheques.

Breakdancing was part of a young urban culture built upon innovations in language, hiphop music, fashion unlaced sneakers, hooded sweatshirts, nylon windbreakers , and visual arts graffiti. The elaborate spins, balances, flips, contortions, and freezes performed by breakdancers required extreme agility and coordination. Real physical danger surrounded movements such as the “windmill,” in which dancers spun wildly, supported only by the shoulders, or the “suicide,” in which an erect dancer would throw himself forward to land flat on his back.

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He will, however, rap a verse or two from his holiday track to kick off the evening. We caught up with Blow to find out how his early days as a groundbreaking city artist helped him bridge the gap between hip-hop and classical music for the holiday production. I was a part of a summer youth program and the coaches got together and opened up a couple of clubs around Harlem and the Bronx, where we started dancing in competitions after we would come from our track or swimming meets.

Instead of fighting, we used to have these battles. The hour town, the city that never sleeps. I got my MC and rap experience and my skills from actually having hands-on experience and just practicing in and around New York City.

“Breakdance”: Breaking global cultural boundaries through dance

When beats bump, meeples gotta dance. Compete against rival crews for the world championship trophy in four one-minute dance offs, racking up crowd appeal by completing Routine cards. Between each dance off, crews learn a new Routine.

Meet Connie Kingston: Top Ranked Youth Breakdancer In The U.S. Make it easy to keep up to date with more stories like this. Download the.

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Log in to an existing account. My first time taking a Michael Jackson dance class. The instructor, John, was friendly, full of energy, and Wow! John was very considerate; he made sure all his students understood the movements and worked personally with each student to address weaknesses. I am going to try to go every weekend! Great lyrical class now modern fusion time comes to boogiezone an get it starts at

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Culturally speaking, there has been a growing interest in hip-hop as a global phenomena, but oddly little mention of “Breakdance. In this article I will be addressing a more underground but equally global element of hip-hop culture, its most physical element called breaking or b-boying. The name “breakdance” was later given to the artform by onlookers, giving the name a commercial aspect. Thus, to maintain political correctness, I will continue to adress the phenomena as “breaking.

Breaking evolved as part of the hip-hop movement that came from African American and Latino youths. In , however, the South Bronx gangs came together to sign a truce. Afrika Bambaataa, a young warlord from the Black Spade gang, emerged as a peacemaker. The original b-boys and b-girls were youngsters living in hostile neighborhoods that danced at local park jams, at block parties, or in the streets.

Consequently, Breaking became a source of identity construction and gave social status to youth in the ghetto. B-girl Roxy highlights how “Breaking saved her life” in a Facebook video, further showing how breakdance is an opportunity to redefine yourself from the ground up. Alternative local identities were founded in fashions, language, street names and neighbourhood crews. Therefore, by self organizing into crews we see that breakers initiated themselves into the global stage locally. They were to be the official b-boy crew for the Zulu Nation….

In other words, participant observation is one of the main tools that breakers use to learn the craft.

Breakdancing studio holds lessons over Zoom as state deals with coronavirus outbreak

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Then in February of I started taking a breakdance class at Denny Middle school through an organization called ArtsCorp Start date June 8, pm.

While diverse in the amount of variation available in the dance, breakdancing mainly consists of four kinds of movement: toprock , downrock , power moves and freezes. Breakdancing is typically set to songs containing drum breaks , especially in hip-hop , funk , soul music and breakbeat music, although modern trends allow for much wider varieties of music along certain ranges of tempo and beat patterns. Breaking was created by the African American youth in the early s. A practitioner of this dance is called a b-boy, b-girl, or breaker.

Although the term “breakdance” is frequently used to refer to the dance in popular culture and in the mainstream entertainment industry, “b-boying” and “breaking” are the original terms and are preferred by the majority of the pioneers and most notable practitioners. Instead of the original term b-boying break-boying , the mainstream media promoted the art-form as breakdancing , by which it came to be generally known. The terms “b-boy” break-boy , “b-girl” break-girl , and “breaker” were the original terms used to describe the dancers who performed to DJ Kool Herc ‘s breakbeats.

The obvious connection of the term “breaking” is to the word ” breakbeat “. DJ Kool Herc has commented that the term “breaking” was s slang for “getting excited”, “acting energetically” or “causing a disturbance”.

Michael Fassbender’s breakdancing moves – The Graham Norton Show 2017: Preview – BBC One