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But the Complex is also a monument to the age-old institutions of student journalism Semper , and student alcoholism the Red Room. For the Union Complex, that date was supposed to be April If you failed to notice the UQ Union Complex being completely demolished in April last year, well, so did we. Plans to begin work on the most comprehensive project of the UQ Master Plan have been delayed indefinitely. Stakeholders raised concerns about funding, key interest groups objected, and, in all likelihood, some builders probably turned up a few weeks late. But the indefinite delay is not a cancellation. While the University is sure to get a pretty building at the end of all this, some student societies are facing serious problems. UQ Union is host to a variety of theatre clubs, which rely on the spaces offered by the Complex.

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For more than a century, The University of Queensland UQ has educated and worked with outstanding people to deliver knowledge leadership for a better world. UQ is a university that is steeped in tradition and history, yet we are at the forefront of innovations that have real impact in societies around the world. With three campuses and more than 40 teaching and research sites around the state, UQ is the perfect place to teach, research and study.

The campus is also home to world-class sporting facilities and idyllic lakes and green spaces, making it an ideal study, research and living environment — a vibrant campus with the tradition of an established university. In partnership with government, industry and donors, UQ has developed eight globally recognised research institutes that have attracted an interdisciplinary community of more than scientists, social scientists and engineers.

Date: Thursday, 28 June Time: pmLocation: Planning Studio (​Room /), Steele Building (3)Schedulepm: Open.

A new apartment, now called the George C. McPherson Apartment, was opened beneath the kitchen and two visitor rooms were refurbished. It all looks fantastic and Cromwell probably has the best rooms on campus. Planning for Hancock is underway ly-created lounge of the new t. McP windows in July. It is hoped that the full internal refurbishment of Hancock will be completed by the end of January At this point the cupboard will be bare and all College reserves will have been spent.

It is exciting that by the beginning of every wing except Lockley will have been refurbished, a Master Plan will be in place and much other essential work completed. All this has been done without borrowing, an extraordinary feat that has been achieved through a combination of careful management and cash flow generated through casual accommodation, conferences and Campus Lodge.

All this indicates the importance of casual accommodation, conferences and Campus Lodge for the wellbeing of the College. It also explains why casual and conference accommodation income is never included in the budget. With the operations of the College being covered by resident fees, all income from conference and casual accommodation can be fed into a reserve for major repairs and capital expenditure.

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Previously UQ Mates was an online social network where students could create online groups and arrange meet-ups around Brisbane and on campus. Within this new version of UQ Mates you will be able to connect with people in a number of different ways including online forums, group hangout spaces, share articles, as well as set up and attend online events.

There will be a variety of different interest groups such as fitness, movies, health and wellbeing, books, cooking, gaming and so much more. You can sign up to as many groups and forums as you like and even suggest your own groups to run! The UQ Mates Village is what you make it. It will be led by online volunteers but the discussion is facilitated by you!

Ten students from UQ attended the JalVayu Laughter Club (Jal Dating in Delhi has become common place among the young people of the.

Built from Helidon sandstone, the Parnell building is one of the historic buildings which encircles The Great Court. The Physics Museum houses a collection of instruments, books and memorabilia dating back to the very beginning of UQ. Among other things, it offers visitors an insight into how things used to be done, and the opportunity to see how to use a slide rule, computer punch cards, computer magnetic memory, a 1 meter searchlight mirror, and to shake hands with their own image.

Among the hundreds of items on display you can find ten items, or small groups of items, chosen to represent the research which has been carried on in Physics over the last hundred years. Each represents a decade of our history and has a special label to pick it out. Started in , by Professor Parnell, the Pitch Drop Experiment was established to prove that a solid can behave like a fluid.

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By Gabi Paterson For health, exercise or just for fun, people across India come together to participate in laughter yoga. Around 80 people meet at the community centre every morning to laugh and their passion for it is clear. By Evangelene Dickson: In a traditionally conservative culture, a new trend is on the rise. Dating in Delhi has become common place among the young people of the city, in stark contrast to how their parents found partners.

Appearing on Q&A on Monday night, UQ philosophy student Drew Pavlou told the panel he had been assaulted by a “co-ordinated group of.

Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers who promoted an alleged cult and showcased its bizarre healing claims in published studies have embroiled one of Australia’s top universities in an academic misconduct probe. The University of Queensland UQ and two international medical journals are investigating alleged ethical violations in research around Universal Medicine UM , an organisation based in Lismore in New South Wales, which touts the healing power of “esoteric breast massage” and other unproven treatments.

Founded by Serge Benhayon — a former bankrupt tennis coach with no medical qualifications who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci — UM is a multi-million-dollar enterprise with mostly female followers in 15 countries. UM practitioners are also taught by Mr Benhayon to carry out esoteric ovary massage to “help women connect back to their body”. An ABC investigation can reveal three members of UQ’s faculty of medicine have publicly advocated for the controversial group.

Eminent medical educator John Dwyer, the former head of immunology at Yale University, said the researchers had “an unbelievable conflict of interest” as “apostles for Universal Medicine, heavily involved in the organisation and the teachings of the group”. UM is linked to Mr Benhayon’s Way of the Livingness religion, with UM followers urged to follow his strict lifestyle instructions from diet and sleep to sex.

Mr Benhayon’s acolytes include Christoph Schnelle, a UQ faculty of medicine researcher who was the lead author of three articles on UM health practices. He and eight co-authors are now under scrutiny for an alleged failure to declare their roles in what has been described as “a dangerous cult” by Professor Dwyer, who is now based at the University of New South Wales. The ABC has obtained video of four of the researchers publicly advocating UM practices, including two doctors.

Two more researchers are presenters at the Benhayon-founded College of Universal Medicine. The others are a naturopath and a psychologist who practice at UM’s Brisbane clinic, and a director of its UK-based charity. Professor Dwyer said UM treatments represent a “pre-scientific approach to how the body works”.

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Play Video. Are you committed to taking charge of your health and your life? We can support your physical, mental and emotional health. Discover the life you want with comprehensive support including: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, dietetics and more….

“After their confidence was measured, participants wrote dating profiles, which were rated by members of the opposite sex,” Mr Murphy said.

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Doctoral student Sean Murphy and Professor Bill von Hippel from the UQ School of Psychology , and colleagues, have been examining the links between overconfidence and romantic desirability in men and women. Computer simulations based on the findings revealed that cocky men were more likely to succeed with women in a competitive environment like a crowded bar or club, because they were less likely to back down when competing for her attention and more likely to drive away the competition.

This research is published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

It is the largest island-based research station in the Southern Hemisphere with a rich history of research, even pre-dating its construction in The facility is.

When did you first become involved? He was a bachelor, so his sisters came and cleaned the house out, and our records went out to the dump — John was devastated. I was on the point of retiring and stepping down from my legal practice. So I restored them until Then I thought, I may as well keep going until I was playing, so I continued until the s.

I thought I might as well keep going, and do it as a century project. At this point it was , and I just kept going. I did cut out a couple of newspaper reports where I had got some runs! I was selfish in that respect. Your dedication to the cause is incredible! Was it more of a hobby than a job for you?

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A Final Synthesis: Water Quality. Project 1. Dead coral fragments are dated using uranium-series at the Radiogenic Isotope Facility, The University of Queensland, to determine the timing of coral mortality events and other important ecological changes in reef communities. To understand how coral communities have changed over time we use reef cores collected at approximately 5m depth by a team of divers using a percussion coring technique.

UQ Parnell Building and Physics Museum in was later renamed after UQ’s first lecturer and Professor in Physics, Thomas Parnell. Stay up to Date.

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